February 1, 2011

Sauber 2011-spec Movable Rear Wing in Action

Check out this edit of onboards shot from the Sauber C30's first day on track. Pay attention at about the 2:50 sec mark you will see clearly, for the first time, how these movable rear wings will work.

I have to say, it looks pretty dramatic but the idea of its FIA regulated use as an artificial passing aid is fairly repugnant to me. As you may know, in the race it will only be available if a driver is following another closely and only in predetermined part of the track! That is such a lame solution.

Anyway, check out the 2011 Sauber C30 in action

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  1. The FIA has sunken to a new low, and in the post Max Mosley world, hooray!

  2. I vote for less sticky tires that don't create huge pebbles everywhere on the track aside from the race line. That is the single biggest hinderance to passing. Movable wings are lame.

  3. That's it? For some reason, known only by my inner demons, I expected something more amazing. Like multiple elements splaying in different directions. This thing looks like a flapper used in some sort of industrial sorting process. Not cool.

  4. hey AC, have any pictures of the renault forward exhaust setup? Can't really find any good shots of it online. With Kubica finishing on top today my interest is increasing...


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