February 1, 2011

Helicam Drift

Our Freep is a pilot and into all these RC contraption, I have to get him to get himself one of those! All you need is a Trex 700, a Canon DSLR and some a lot of skill...

(DK Video productions)
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  1. That is an absolutely beautiful video. I can't believe how stable the chopper is.

  2. yeah especially with such a relatively heavy and bulky camera

  3. Well actually if you suspend the camera under the chopper with a solid rig then it will make it more stable (think of a pendulum), and it's almost all shown in slow-motion which would contribute to the stability of the picture as well. Good job on the pilot either way, it must be tricky to line up the camera and frame the picture well since you can't see what you're filming until after you've finished the shot and landed back down.

    Love the wing on that Sierra (RS Cosworth?) :)

  4. Great video. The track suits it so well. Any chance of a pic of the helicopter with the camera attached?

    Love the S&M sticker on the Cossie too :- )


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