February 24, 2011

Old Cup Cars never die...

005 Porsche 996 GT3 GT - Dobberkau - GER

Sometimes, when rules allow it, they even go rally. In France, Spain, Portugal and Germany if I'm not mistaken, Porsche GT3 Cup cars, along with Ferrari Challenge can take part in national championship rallies in the GT Plus class.

Below is a clip of a 996 cup testing and doing shock setup in France. Check out that piece of undulating road, if your shocks work there...

Don't worry, Rihanna stops 1:30 in then it's all good, more than good actually.

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  1. Thats what you need to replace the shoe AC. Or perhaps... to live alongside the shoe. I know you want one! I do!

  2. He says that the may difference with a Carrera S, is that this car is a real race car...

  3. That but the biggest smile on my face. I keep checking up on 996 Cup cars and conspiring, now at double time.

  4. Check this lot out...


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