February 28, 2011

No Bahrain GP will cost F1 $100 Million

F1 Test days 2011 - Circuit de Catalunya

If you go by what Formula Money says, the cancellation of the first race of the 2011 F1 season will cost the organization and the teams Eu 70 million, $100 million. Of that total amount, 40% would be missed income by the teams and among them, the biggest single loser would be Scuderia Ferrari who forfeit Euro 8 Million in sponsorship. Mind boggling.

This explains why there was much reticence in canceling and why they will try their hardest to squeeze the race in at the end of the season.
(Photo: Kristof Vermeulen/Raceshots.be info: Autosprint)
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  1. Bernie will have to check his couch cushions for change I guess.

  2. I know that I have been a little busy at work and have not given as much attention to the new F1 rules. But I can't believe that I mist the new rule that you have to put a big black dildo on top of your car. Guess they really wont the ladies to open up too F1.


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