February 6, 2011

Kubica seriously injured in Rally Accident, may lose a hand.

Reports say he suffered multiple fractures he might lose the use of one hand. Terrible news for
Robert Kubica who was contesting the Rally Andora in Italy when he lost control of his Skoda Fabia, slammed against a wall and was trapped in the car. The guard rail penetrated the car and it took a long time, a shocking 90 minutes, to extricate Robert who was then airlifted to a hospital where he is being kept in an induced coma.

An official statement from Lotus Renault GP was non committal, but I would guess Bruno Senna will step in.

Get well soon Robert!

UPDATE: Kubica is as of 8AM ET in surgery with a team of orthopedic specialists. There are more serious concern because of internal bleeding.
Kubica was first attended at the scene by the crew of the next car behind, Mauro Moreno and Corrado Bonato. Bonato has said that the scene looked bad with Kubica crushed in the car and with "the guard rail passing through his foot".

UPDATE: This news report showing the accident aftermath claims Robert had an arm amputated, I have no other confirmations of this! proceed with caution. Kubica is said in the report to have suffered head injuries and a broken femur as well.

Video from the scene would suggest Robert must have hit the end of a guard rail with the metal penetrating the car as earlier reports suggested.

Final Update: Doctors were able to save Robert's limbs but question remain as to the functionality of his right hand. It's fairly safe to say he will be out for at least most of the season.


  1. Holy shit! that is terrible news. Hope the news about is hand is not true and we see one of the best drivers on the grid win the championship.

  2. Really awful. While it would be a really tragic accident for anyone, this is especially sad for a racing driver. I hope the news is in fact wrong and he will keep his hand.

  3. Whatever happened - I hope he's OK and that he'll be able to return to the cockpit of a car.

  4. I'm Polish, and what TV is saying up here is that there will be no amputation. He broke his leg, hand and wrist really badly. Maybe he will be ready for Spain, maybe out for the season, too hard to tell yet. There is a operation right now on his broken bons and internal beeding - which is not a big thing.

  5. Really bad news. I hope this crash won't end his career as a driver.

  6. directly from his manager:

    he won't suffer any amputation of sort, and he will ofcourse survive the accident.
    Anyway rumors have it that his F1 career, and his motoring career in general, is over due to the damage to his hand.

    very nasty crash indeed, i feel very bad for him...

  7. here's the link of Mauro Moreno camera car, the first driver to get to the site of the crash and the first to help Robert


  8. latest news:

    Robert woke up and he is completely conscious.
    The internal bleeding has been stopped during the operation, and his lung injury is under control.

    he will be out of F1 and racing in general for 12/18 month to say the least.


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