January 22, 2011

"No Kerbs Please, especially on Big Balls Corner!"

Now this is the kind of corporate video we like to see. Produced by Porsche as an instructional video for the Carrera World Cup Race this coming June, you ride along with running commentary and instruction by works driver Sascha Maassen.

I wonder if he will get banned by the new Nürburgring management now for illegal instruction? :)


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  1. I will memorize it for when I'll drive it.
    Fascinating description.

  2. Achtung! Das war ein tolles video. Vielen Dank für Entsendung es AC!

  3. This reminds me lots of memories.

    Last summer I've spent most of my time fixing the car. I hope this year will be better for driving.

  4. Fantastic video. The nearest I'll be getting to the Ring is rFactor but I even learned a bit there :)


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