January 24, 2011

1M heading south on 95

"All points bulletin: be on the lookout for a fast moving pocket m car southbound on 95, do not engage, repeat do not engage. Subject is extremely fast in cold dense, turbo friendly areas!"

You might see an orange blur if you traveling the I-95 corridor today. The only BMW 1 series M in the country is making its way from Jersey to Daytona where it will be on Pace car duty for the 24 hr race this week end.

For those gravitationally concerned, the car has every option except for NAV and comfort access.

If you spot it, snap it and send us picture. Remember, it's that orange blur!

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  1. It's auto show duties must be over now. Still, I'm slightly surprised they aren't trailering it around.

  2. Ironic.. Cross country trip and no NAV!
    I cant stop thinking how much better it would have looked in Hatchback form.

  3. Jalopnik-ed:


  4. I couldn't have been the only one to be surprised about that $3.05 per gallon!?

  5. You weren't Jeremy - we pay 3 times that in the UK!

  6. CG, It would be a pretty sad day when BMW selects someone who needs NAV to get from NJ to Daytona. Last time I checked it was I-95S until you get to Speedway Blvd. cheers

  7. Your 1M is becoming popular, the guys at BMW Blog posted a pic of it too :)



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