January 7, 2011

HD Four Way

Scooby Canada sent up this clip, interesting for a couple of reasons I thought. It's a user selectable multi angle clip, something I had not seen before on YouTube. You can choose a front bumper cam, an over the dash view, a rear side and driver action angle. Pretty cool and all shot in HD.

The other nice bit is that it's a clip of someone doing rally in North America who is not either Travis Pastrana or Ken Block, WIN!

Here is the caption from Subaru Canada

"We strapped four High-Definition cameras onto a Subaru WRX rally car, so now you can control the action.

Choose between four explosive angles to watch Subaru Rally Driver Pat Richard and navigator Alan Ockwell take on the tough Stage 4 of Tall Pines. It's rally racing like you've never seen before, and it's the type of performance at the heart of our newest creation - the 2011 Subaru WRX STI. "

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  1. That made my brain and heart hurt... but soul happy

  2. Fantastic. Pat makes more corrections in this one stage than many drivers in some disciplines make in an entire season!

  3. Is it just me or he snapped the right front suspension / wheel on that big jump near the end?

    The car kept going sideways and he became visibly slower after that big thump...


  4. yeah, well, I don't think the landing of the "Big Jump" at 5:15 went the way they planned... amazing the car kept going, see the steering angle?


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