January 29, 2011

Fernando Alonso's facial hair "not definitive racing version"


At the first "Filming Day" shakedown of Ferrari's F150 at Maranello, Fernando Alonso sported facial hair which is not necessarily what you will see in Bahrain.

"We have been working extensively in the wind tunnel" said Mansueto Figarone, Ferrari head of facial-dynamic development. "not only are we doing wind tunnel work here in Maranello but also at the more advanced tunnel owned by Toyota in Cologne."

It has been speculated Alonso might use this evolved "D'Artagnan" tripatch arrangement only for high downforce circuits, reverting to a push rod style "Dali" for fast tracks such as Monza and Spa.

Red Bull's Christian Horner has already gone on record commenting how they would never allow a mustache gap between their drivers to which Stefano Domenicali said it was just because Vettel can't grow one with sufficient 70's porn star appeal.

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