January 29, 2011

2011 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

I'll add videos as I find them....

Race Start

Some great onboards

More after the jump..

Flying Lizards get into trouble...

More onboards

A good one from Turner

Brumos pit stop and repairs

Overnight Highlights

Onboard with the awesome JPM.... driving angry!

Ferrari P4 on the Daytona bankings after 44 years

Amazing 20th hour action between the two Ganassi cars

End of the line for the Flying Lizards and their flat 6

And a big win for Ganassi, Scott Pruett, and BMW in DP. IN GS, TRG is once again the best!


  1. I might get more excited over Rolex this season then F1. Was watching the first block of coverage on SPEED Channel and there was some damn entertaining racing going on.... although maybe that's just the new turn 1 at Daytona!

  2. There has been some awesome racing, but it seems to me that there are more commercials than racing coverage on SPEED.

  3. Got very little coverage of this race in the uk. Most of the time I was watching the live leaderboard on the the GranAm website. Brundle did quite well in the end out of the 250 GTO :)

  4. Awesome Video's :) Great info

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  5. Man, JPM is one the most awesome racers of our generation. In all his stints took the car to the lead. Unfortunately we lost him to the marketing $henanigan$ of circu$ racing.

    Chip (Ganassi) decided the race in favor of the 01 car (It was all about the last stop)


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