November 3, 2010

Vintage Oversteer


I found this fantastic footage on YouTube shot in 1971 South African Grand Prix in Kyalami by Brian Watson on a classic Nizo Super 8. Footage looked fantastic,( I have an Nizo 481... I should really try it out once), the music didn't quite work for me, so I gave it a bit of the Axis treatment, I hope Mr. Watson does not mind!

Bonus marks if you can identify all the cars and drivers in this clip. Video after the jump


  1. Nice - don't see that in F1 anymore...back when it took not only balls to race but big balls!

  2. @ Ground effects and good tires took care of that, however those guys did not have to deal with 5 G turns :)

  3. @AC: you're right, today's F1 has different challenges, but this doesn't mean that we have to like the change.

    Basically, I think that now F1 is great for the technology enthusiasts (luckily I'm among those), but there's not much to be excited when you watch it.

    The difference is that looking at this video gave me shivers, seeing so much smoke coming from the Tyrrel's rear left tyre, seeing the drivers cope with that slip angle, it's simply amazing.

  4. techno-teen spirit wouldn't have been my first choice, but somehow, it works! user removed the original :(

  5. Ronnie Peterson
    Yardley McLaren?
    Rennie Wissel
    Clay Regazzoni
    Chris Amon x3
    Emmo x3

    I think that's a Matra, not a Tyrrel.

  6. I think at the time BRM had Yardley sponsorship so that might make it Jo Siffert or Rodriguez.

  7. @motoringconbrio: yep, it's Amon

    Love it anyway :)


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