November 4, 2010

Brazilian Magistrate Threatens to Arrest Massa...

...if he allows Alonso to pass him again as he did in Germany!

That's the treat expressed by prosecutor Paulo Castilho who invoked Brazil's "Sporting Statute" which includes a two to six year jail sentence for those found guilty of "Sporting Fraud". Good luck with that.

Meanwhile Massa was more humorous in a TV interview. When asked what it is that Alonso has to make him a the number one at Ferrari, Felipe said: "Fleas". We figure he was partly mesmerized by his interviewer, the beautiful and brilliant Gianne Albertoni!

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  1. I take it Ferrari will make sure FA will not need to pass FM, but it would be funny to see an F1 driver hauled off in cuffs for allowing a team-mate by. The F1 world would be in an uproar, which, again, would be funny. I guess I'm in a humorous mood.

  2. Well there are cricket players from Pakistan that could potentially face the death penalty for match fixing. Team orders is Formula 1 is match fixing. If we wanted to watch fake sport, we'd watch WWE wrestling.

  3. When everyone is aware of the points situation (including myself, who rarely reads/follows up with F1), do you think anyone in a position as Massa is has to be told what to do in such a situation? Silly politicians...


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