November 16, 2010


I love it when readers help out. The galactically named Zarniwoop put together some interesting statistics which you are free to interpret as you wish....

                             HAM  BUT  VET  WEB  ALO

Wins 3 2 5 4 5
Poles 1 0 10 5 2
Fault incidents 2 0 4 3 1
Non-fault incidents 3 2 4 0 0
DNF 3 2 3 2 1
Maintained pos quali->race 4 4 4 3 3
Improved pos quali->race 11 12 4 5 10
Worse pos quali->race 4 3 11 11 6
Fast laps 5 1 3 3 5
Points 240 214 256 242 252

Check these out full screen, I did a good job in Monaco if I don't say so myself :)
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  1. Intressting stats. But Ham made 5 fastest;

  2. Interesting statiscics...
    It makes me feel that the most constant driver who is Button is 5th at the end whereas the less constant Vettel (excepted for poles) is 1st.

  3. It's an interesting parallel to the '08 season. That year, Hamilton caused all of his own problems (driving errors costing points in Canada, Japan, Bahrain, France) while his car never had a mechanical failure. Contrast with Massa, who had a few races with mistakes costing a few points (Melbourne, Malaysia) but his car and pit crew was what lost him the championship (Hungary and Singapore, twenty undisputable points). Ferrari won the constructor's championship, and Hamilton won the driver's championship. If that's not irony, I don't know what is.

    It's interesting that Vettal had both the worst mechanical luck and made the most driving errors out of everybody this year, and still won. A testament to the brute speed of the 2010 Red Bull. I have a feeling that Red Bull will not maintain their massive speed advantage next year, and that Vettel will eventually end up disappearing into obscurity. He has excellent qualifying pace, but he hardly ever had to fight for position this year, and when he did he usually ended up hitting someone. Lots of other drivers on the grid can put down fast qualifying laps AND have experience with wheel-to-wheel racing :)

  4. I hope next season is as exciting (close) as this season was.
    I am glad to see Vettel as the 2010 champ. Credit to Webber for providing ANOTHER racecar backflip.


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