November 1, 2010

Caparo T1 at the 'Ring Video

I don't think it actually set any records when it ran there in August, in fact, word was it spent most of the time getting worked on. But the video shows that when it actually ran, the Caparo T1 is...rather quick! What it certainly is not is a road car but that's another story. Check it out

(photo: video :EVO)
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  1. That car is insane! On slicks it would surely be in with a shout at Bellof's 6:11 record. Love the Jag XF at 2:00. It's following an XK so perhaps they're Jag test drivers... As in that man is being paid to drive sideways around the Nurburgring in a supercharged Jaguar. I'm clearly in the wrong game...

  2. This car looks crazy fast. From the sound of the engine, the driver was just cruising around and still flying by cars. The driver was taking some interesting lines through sections, again, I don't think he was trying very hard at all.


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