November 19, 2010

2010 Macau Grand Prix

The Macau track makes Monaco look like a four lane highway. With all manner of machines racing there this week from bikes to Lambos without enough lock to make the turns, it's not a matter of if a crash will happen but when and how long will it take to clean up.

As more videos become available I will add them after the jump, meanwhile, how insane is it to run bikes there?

more videos after the jump

(thanks _Cyclops_)


  1. Big thanks for being my/our Macau aggregator. One of motorsports amazing events (that of course gets no coverage at all in Australia).


  2. Excellent videos. I was in Macau earlier this year. Brilliant place, once you get away from the casinos. Portuguese Egg Tarts to die for. Good motor sports museum, and well worth the day trip if you're ever in Hong Kong.

  3. Makes Monaco look like a 4 lane highway...

  4. So, i'm dutch so the Coronell video was nice. He's complaining a LOT about understeer. Guess what happens later?
    2 crashed. They've got some work!

    What amazes me, he's sort of out of breath. Never heard that before. I know racing is hard and takes all your concentration, but does every driver have that at macau?

  5. The Macau Guia Circuit is my favourite circuit. Like Monaco, but tighter and with more high speed sections.

    The first race event I went to was the the 1983 Macau Grand Prix where some young lad called Aryton Senna won both heats. I remember some people that weekend pronouncing his name Anton Senna.

    From that weekend I also remember Ron Haslam blitzing the opposition on the bikes and Hans Stuck and Dieter Quester battling in the Marlboro livered BMW's.


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