October 19, 2010

Rain Line

Keep it in mind before your next VLN race. If you fail, you risk getting mocked by intoxicated German fans like that gummy bear sponsored 911 after the jump!

From VLN Race 9, October 16, 2010

Crash HARIBO Porsche 911 GT3 R 997
Drivers - Lance David Arnold, Richard Westbrook, Christian Menzel

Dörr BMW Z4 GT3
Drivers - Rudi Adams, Stefan Aust, Peter Posavac

rivers- Sascha Bert, Duncan Huisman

Here is one from further back in the pack, onboard a Team MK BMW Z4 Coupe.
Driver Daniel Zils

(thanks to VLN-fanclub.de)


  1. it has always been a long term dream of mine to ride one of those. Now I have an idea of what it looks like inside of those machines.

  2. So close to loosing it while downshifting at the 11:08 mark... Doesn't seem to faze him. He looks like he's having a cup of tea and watching the cricket!


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