October 18, 2010

The Axe Murderer vs The Scalpel


Why would Axis publish a comparison piece on two cars that have been written about so many times before, that are not even new cars? Temping to say simply, because we can and because the cars are awesome.

In reality though, like all of you reading these pages, we have been devouring car reviews and comparison tests for as long as we can remember and, just like you, spend our time blabbing about horsepower, tires, brake feel all that good stuff.
Sometimes we wonder about what we read and how writers arrive at certain conclusions so we wanted to see what it would be like to do as objective a performance review as we could, with data gathered via our Traqmate data recorders and, in this case, Axis CG's own backside data recorder. We gathered the results, fed them into our Axis STFU 3000 supercomputer and tabulated the results.

Did I mention the cars are awesome? Awesome is probably not a good enough term to describe the GT2 and the Scuderia. Awesome is not a good enough term to describe the fact that they now both happily share CG's garage and that enabled us to fulfill our fantasy.
No manufacturer loaners, no factory engineers setting tire pressures between runs, no free food and goodie bags, just us, data recorders, some cameras and CG balls shooting for 10/10th laps with a couple of very expensive toys.

The methodology was straight forward, the cars are stock, tires, brake pads, but both aligned properly for track duty as much as possible of course. Same day, same track, same driver, back to back, best flying lap.
As it turns out getting this done was not a simple as we first thought, we planned on having a lot of traffic free laps at Monticello Motor Club but when we got there we found an unexpected event was scheduled so had to adapt to running in sessions with other cars, finding free space on the track and ended up being a bit more rushed than we would have liked.

We did get clean laps for both cars though and tomorrow we'll have the results for you. Perhaps in the meantime you would care to make educated guesses on the lap time outcome?

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  1. Pretty hard to guess the lap time when you don't say what configuration you ran and monticello has so many different ones.

  2. The full track of course, nothing less would do for our readers! :)

  3. 2:32.5 for the scud and 2:33.4 for the GT2

  4. what is the driver accustomed to driving, Porsches or Ferraris? Someone who is more familiar with one type of car will probably be faster since they are used to the handling characteristics and can get a bit more out of the car... That being said both 530hp in rear drive, rear engine car is an intimidating prospect

  5. CG only recently acquired the Scud.

  6. I'll guess the Scud is faster, if only because its nickname also refers to a tactical ballistic missile.

  7. Awesome is not a good enough term to describe the fact that they now both happily share CG's garage...

    oh jeebus! i am reeling at this statement...

  8. Although I've only been driving the Scud for 4 months, during the same period I had 911s as daily driver (last 5 years) i've also had a midengine car to drive/race (Lotus Elise, Exige S, and now Cayman S); so I would comfortably say Im equally familar with both platforms.

  9. I want to see one of those one of those 1 to 10 rating for ergonomics, handling, brakes, acceleration, fun factor, gotta have it, comfort, transmission, engine.

    I can't wait to see the videos.

  10. What's your day job? A GT2 and a Scuderia, I need to change my major:-)

  11. I might have to push this over an extra 24hrs.... events have been conspiring against me getting this post done the way it needs to be done...


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