October 13, 2010

Formula 1 in 3-D

It takes some virtuoso rigging to attach twelve cameras to a single Ferrari 312T5 but that's what cinematographer Eric Koretz, director Paul Crowder, producer Alex King and crew managed to achieve for an upcoming documentary on historic racing. Having just one day of shooting, they threw the book, or rather the whole rental catalog, at the issue. They clamped on everything from GoPro's (prototype 3d GoPros!) to Silicon Imaging and Cinedeck products on that ex-Niki Lauda car.

Eric's account of the day's shooting goes into some depth about the technical issues and problems involved with 3-d production and filming cars in his article about the project, have a look.
Anyway, anything that includes the sentence "we rigged the shit out of this Ferrari" should most definitively be on your reading list!

(Pictures via TheImageHunter, MitoMedia, Paul Crowder)

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  1. Thanks for the mention mate. The results will speak for themselves. More soon!

  2. "Formula 1 in 3-D"
    Yeah, F1 racing happens in 3 dimensions since 1950.

  3. Docu on historic racing? Sounds fancy! I hope they spent the same amount of time/energy/money on sound production!

    Screw the 3d though, that junk didn't work for me with cameron's billion dollar budget, it sure as hell wont work with 3d gopro's. I hope the whole movie isn't geared for 3d...


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