October 14, 2010

33 Stewardesses in 14 days

Somehow I can't imagine a Nico Rosberg or a Lewis Hamilton in the role, guess Senna sort of ruined all that with that darn professionalism and fitness... I suppose Formula 1 drivers just don't go on two week long sex, booze and drug binges in between races anymore, like James Hunt did in 1976 before the Japanese Grand Prix (see this old article on Axis).

The story in the Daily Mail (which excerpts "Shunt" by Tom Rubython) would is amusing even if half of it is true what with tales of streams of British Airways stewardesses in the hunt for pole position, James sharing the spillover and the coke and the blunts with Barry Sheene and still finding time to sample the local female population.

"While Jackie Stewart famously abstained from sex a week before a motor race, Hunt would often have sex minutes before climbing into the cockpit.
Nothing could have prepared Patrick Head, now co-owner of the Williams F1 team but then a young car designer, for the morning when he inadvertently walked into the wrong pit garage.
He found Hunt inside, with his racing overalls around his ankles, cavorting with a Japanese girl. Hunt laughed when he saw the interloper, who left, not quite believing what he had seen.

A few minutes later, Hunt left the garage and went around the side to carry out his pre-race ritual of vomiting — the result of extreme nerves combined with overindulgence.
Finally ready for action, Hunt went out to drive the race of his life... and won the 1976 world championship, beating his nearest rival by one point."

But that's not all, he ended up selling his wife too, to Richard Burton...for $1,000,000! That story you will have to read on your own HERE
(thanks to Alex McHenry for the tip!)

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  1. From Rubython's just published book. I love the T-shirt. It's too bad Hunt didn't get a better car at the end of his career. With a decent car, even a competitive but old car, he had a very % of qualifying on pole. His numbers are skewed by the Wolf and the Hesketh.

  2. Ohhh... Yes! The Good Old James Hunt!

  3. If he didn't exist, you'd have to invent him!

  4. He lived the dream . . . Seriously! LOL

  5. Great pics, does anyone know anything about the bike that James is sitting on or who took the photo and where? as I now own the bike a Suzuki GT750 and was interested in its past history. Thanks Andy.

    1. It's Monaco - riding along from what is now the harbour-front chicane towards Tabac (the Cigarette shop)


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