September 7, 2010

The Magic World of F1

Alberto Crippa
(Alberto Crippa)

"The Magic World of F1" is the 9th edition of the photo competition and exhibit dedicated to the memory of F1 journalist Pepi Cereda. If you are lucky enough to be in Monza this week you can go have a look at the historic "Arengario" building in the center of town, not far from the Autodromo.

Emily Davenport
(Emily Davenport)

More fantastic pictures after the jump

Thomas Lam
(Thomas Lam)

Mark Thompson
(Mark Thompson)

Steven Tee
(Steven Tee)

Laurent Charmiaux
(Laurent Charmiaux)

Frits van Eldik
(Frits van Eldik)

(Eric Vargiolu)

Raymond Ho
(Raymond Ho)

Vladimir Rys
(Vladimir Rys)


  1. Vettel + Webber + stormclouds = unbelievable photo

  2. YEah, I wonder how much post was any case, perfect case of picture telling a story!

  3. Someone needs to add a captcha to that Fernando Alonso picture. It immediately reminded me of the "Fuck You, I'm An Anteater" meme.


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