August 12, 2010

Next Generation Porsche 991: longer, wider, lighter, faster and...more expensive?

According to UK's AUTOCAR the scoop on the next generation Porsche 911 (991) is that it will be bigger, yet lighter and more fuel efficient then the current 997 but it will also move more upmarket compared to the current models. This is most puzzling, because we wonder precisely what that means, that Porsche can charge more for Boxsters or that there needs to be room made for a $40000 Porsche?

In any case, the article claims the car will be, no surprises here, a refinement of the same basic ideas Porsche has been developing for the last half century: it will not be a mid engined 911. The front end will still be shared with the Boxster, Engines will be a 3.6 with 365hp for the Carrera and a 3.8 with 415HP for the Carrera S. In the continuing war between car designers and people who actually track their cars, score one for the marketing guys, the car will come standard with 20" wheels...


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  1. I thought it would be called the 911 type 998. why 991?

  2. I thought 998 too but Autocar say 991, whatever, the new 911 :)

  3. The term that's applied to the phenomenon with software getting bigger and bulkier without offering much advantage is 'bloatware'; whether that applies to the new 911 or it's just plain old middle aged spread it's a shame that Porsche seem to be getting more out of kilter with the people who buy their cars.
    On the positive side moving the 911 might mean Porsche will unhobble the Cayman...

  4. Good point @Intensive Driving. Perhaps we'll see the Cayman we all knew Porsche made but were scared of.


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