August 10, 2010

Ferrari 458 Challenge testing video

A video of a Ferrari 458 Challenge testing different aero configuration at Fiorano.

The car is pushed by the same 570HP motor as the street version but with a radical weight loss, brakes from 599XX and 19 inch Pirelli slicks, achieved a lap time of 1:16.5. Compare that with the 1:24 of the 599GTO and the 1:16.2 of the Ferrari FXX. That's without using a rear wing, imagine what the 458 GT will be like...

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  1. The pace of development of development is simply awesome these days. Then I guess it always has been that way.

    When I built my stroker 2.8L E30 325i I thought I was hot stuff until 300hp Maximas were eating my lunch a few years later. The E36 M3 engine swap helped for a while, but today a new base-model Mustang has my number! In a straight line anyway...


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