August 10, 2010

Bruce's Batmobile

Add filmmaking to the list pf things they do very well in Woking. In this short clip Gordon Cuppock and Tyler Alexander remember Bruce Mclaren while looking over an M8D

Speaking of cool Mclarens, check this out

More cool Mclaren videos after the jump


  1. What I would give to have witnessed Can Am.

  2. That's a great video. But...I don't really feel as though Martin Whitmarsh or Ron Dennis encapsulate the general direction Bruce McLaren would have taken a team. Sure, they might have sputtered out like Brabham did but I think the correlation of modern McLaren to the Can Am days of McLaren when run by McLaren/Mayer is a big stretch.

  3. Great videos from a great company...

  4. I remember when I was 16 four of us went to Michigan Intl. Speedway for the Can-Am race. They had a road course then that left the oval on the back of the track and went out into the countryside for a ways. The night before the race we walked over to the garage area and watched as the McLaren team fitted a third car for Dan Gurney. I don't remember who won, but who cares! Greatest race weekend of my life!


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