June 25, 2010

Around Fiorano in the F10 "B" with Fernando Alonso

Some of you wondered how was it possible for Ferrari to test its new low exhaust configuration on the Fiorano track last week what with the testing ban and all. Regulations do allow for a small number of kilometers to be run for "promotional" use, making commercials for example.

Not sure if Ferrari did much beyond adding a helmet cam on Fernando, but that's fine with us, we love helmet cams!

(via ItaliaSpeed TV)

Interesting read in this week's Autosprint magazine, exhaust blowing in the diffuser are is actually quite an old idea, Renault first used it in the turbo era. At the time gasses were vented under the car into the diffuser flow. The problem was that the additional flow was throttle dependent and thus quite unpredictable if the driver ever lifted. Scary.

These new versions blow on top of the diffuser between the "decks" of the double decker thus eliminating the worst aspect of the old solution. Apparently Ferrari had identified a problem with the F10's design right after the first tests (and probably after having a look at the RedBull who only used the low exhaust at the last test session and even then went as far as placing stickers to simulate a high exhaust position) but reconfiguring the internal packaging, with the original headers pointing forward and up to accommodate the low exhaust, took this long.
Chasing after the Mclaren F-duct was probably a distraction for Maranello as well. On a track like Valencia, I can't imagine this new system will help Ferrari much, maybe somewhere with fast corners like Silverstone.
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  1. That guy has a beast of a neck! His head hardly moves!

  2. That's because Alonso has NO neck XD


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