May 15, 2010

Traffic... 24HR Rennen UPDATE

Jenson Button, complained a single car in front of him slowed down. We submit some 2010 Nürburgring 24Hr Rennen THAT'S traffic!

You can find more clips an a live feed of the race AFTER THE JUMP. I'll update this post as more video come online, check back.

6hr recap: Tits on the side of your car can be a distraction and "Oh look, another Lotus caught on fire!"

Look at that M3 move all around!


  1. whoa.. now that is some serious traffic!

  2. Then again you could just as easily go "You say the Nürburgring has no runoff? man up" and post an onboard video from Monaco... :)

  3. Motors TV said they were covering this live! No sign of any UK coverage as usual! :(

  4. that was some scary moments for the driver of the flaming race car:o


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