May 15, 2010

Swimming Pool

Rather and rehashing what happened today, I'm sure you already read the news elsewhere, let me give you a taste of what it looked like down at the Swimming pool complex. When the guys are on it, and pushing around that section, it's just otherworldly.

It's hard to believe that all of this is going on in that blink of an eye...

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  1. Convenient way to ignore all the trouble for Alonso caused by Alonso...can't imagine what you'd post if Hamilton did the same thing...

  2. Alonso made a mistake. Amazingly he hit the wall at less than 60mph and somehow wrote off the chassis. Freak accident which he will pay for dearly. He owned up to his mistake, did not blame it on someone else, end of story. Hamilton was just sort of anonymous today, I expected him to be on pole, but I won't harp on that. At least he did not whine like Button did. ;)

  3. Think Button had a case - Massa really backed him. That said - he wasn't going to trouble the time keepers much anyway. He was a good ways off a strong time.

  4. To be fair to Button it's another case of inconsistant stewarding. Personally I think they should all man up and deal with the traffic like they always have, but the precedent has been set in recent years that if you impede another drivers lap you get a penalty - so why not on this occasion?

    Massa was also guilty of the same in thursday practice, ironically it was a Lotus and a Virgin - the very cars which the top teams were pre-emtively complaining about!

    Back onto the subject - totally awesome vidoes, along with Eau Rouge and Maggotts/Becketts, the swimming pool complex is on my 'must see an F1 car from this point' list.

  5. Thanks for the incredible video. Now if you could only get Smell-o-vision.

  6. If you look closely you can even see how much faster the Red Bulls and McLarens are compared to the Lotus and HRT cars.


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