May 7, 2010

Ferrari makes the world safer!

I guess Ferrari decided to give up on the "Subliminal" barcode Marlboro livery making the world safe once again. Without the barcode, nobody will associate Ferrari with cigarettes ever again!

Schumacher showed some signs of life in Practice 1 today. The Mercedes came to Montmeló with a new split air inlet. Red Bull looked to have an F-Duct type solution. and Renault tried a couple of different nose wings. After the jump have a look as some close up details courtesy of


  1. They actually made it worse, it now looks just as cigarrete box. Make them stop!

    Better yet, have them change the color of the car. A McLaren orange should suit them perfectly.

  2. Hah! Love the new blog header image. You should shoot them an email and see if you can make it happen. All that empty space, how could you not put some axis in there?

  3. Button slower than hamilton. This blog must be going crazy with rage or nervousness.

  4. HahaHa!

    I think most Axis tracktards are Alonso fans at the moment. Certainly the latin leg of the axis is ! :)

  5. The Axis header never disappoints...


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