May 8, 2010

The Corkscrew : an internet legend in the making

It's a small world and this person's attempt at "blackmail" to get out of paying a Nürburgring car rental bill backfired in spectacular fashion, the stuff of internet legend.

The thread is quite detailed and very entertaining, executive summary: guy goes over from the States, expects a Clio Cup to be a race car (hey, it says cup...) and, at the end of the day, has some issues with the billing. Upon his return, he posts his complaints on 2 very popular Porsche enthusiast web forums, Rennlist and 6speedonline and god knows where else.

I won't spoil it for you save to say that in a separate thread the gentleman had posted YouTube videosdetailing his prowness at doing handbrake turns on public roads in that same rented Clio, a video he has since, not surprisingly, removed.

Sit back and enjoy the carnage

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