April 28, 2010

Pirelli Personalized.


Not so easy finding ways to get attention in the tire world but Pirelli has come up with a pretty cool one: personalized tires.

This bit of extra bling is, for now, limited to our 2 wheeled tracktard friends who use the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa. You can customize a label online and Pirelli will deliver the personalized set through their online direct distribution (in Europe only for now). The Rosso Corsa is an extreme performance tire derived from WSBK designs.

Pirelli is one of the companies rumored to be taking over from Bridgestone as the next supplier to Formula 1, a combination that might work especially given Pirelli's recent focus on "Green" racing and road tires.

As for DOT R track tires, I had tried the P-Zero Corsa some years ago with some pretty mixed results, that tire had been replaced with the Corsa System, a design closer to a regular road tire. Now Pirelli has introduced a new "trackday" contender, the P-Zero Trofeo. Rather than the Corsa's wavy, motorcycle inspired grooves, the Trofeo has a dual section mold closer to, say, the Michelin PSC and others.

Like the P-Zero GrandAm tire it is free from highly aromatic oils and conforms to coming road noise regulations.

For us track junkies, the more options the better, so bring it!

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