February 3, 2010

Track Day World Championship: Ferrari 599 XX Take to the Track

Valencia saw not just Formula 1 cars but also an outing for those track only, non competition wonders that are the Ferrari 599XX. Like the FXX program but with the engine in front, the latest toy from Maranello was driven, among others by Felipe Massa who was dutifully "enthusiastic" about the experience.

Tip for Ferrari's media department: 599xx, cool, jazz flute...not cool!

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  1. Observations:

    - I like the jazz flute!
    - STILO is apparently de rigueur now.
    - When will there be a race series pitting the 599XX and the SLR 722 against one another?
    - Will the 599XX break in two halves like the its FXX brethren do when hitting a pole, tree, et al?
    - Massa cannot see over the hood very well...
    - Why no helmet on Massa when he hot lapped it?

    Great post as usual! Thanks!

  2. What class would the 599XX be in NASA?

  3. Good lord it's Ron Burgandy! :)

    In NASA? if you put enough weight in it you can run it in gts3...

  4. Massa is in there to show his face which will not be seen if he had his helmet on.

  5. How come i cant hear ferraris music? I thought this was supposed to be a ferrari video


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