February 22, 2010

So what if they are slower?

Please close the door and turn up the volume.


Spectacle-lovers can take their agendas and block the 20th of February 2010: a new edition of the Legend Boucles de Spa®.
The last few years the interest in the “Legend” formula of the Boucles de Spa has only increased. The overall presence of the public on “La ClĂ©mentine” or “La Redoute” is just proving that the ‘veteran’-version of the rally is appealing.
A never ending entry-list with some big names on it, cars that offer more and more quality, a mixed and overall present public, in brief, the Legend Boucles de Spa have everything to grow pale organisors of big sportevents .
For those who assisted the heroic duels years ago, these Legend Boucles de Spa just bring back the emotions only the best memories can call back. For the younger ones it’s a unique chance to really feel the authentetic past.
Tradition and nostalgy are the key words in the succes of this rally.
But, above all and despite the increasing popularity, the access to the regularity-trails is free!
This year we’re waiting impatiently for some extraterrestrial achievements from some of the big names in the motorracing world on the notorious and (let’s hope) white roads.
The “Legend Boucles de Spa” formula is still looking forward to some more successfull years.
But, we’re not resting on our laurels, the 2010 edition will be better then ever…”

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