February 11, 2010

Grab your Salt Shaker: VW to Formula 1 in 2011


So the story goes like this: struggling Campos Meta GP owes a bunch of money to Dallara for the cars the italian company built for the 2010 season and did not get any of the promised "rescue" money from failed racing series owner Tony Teixeira.

In steps Bernie Ecclestone to convince, perhaps with some help with the middle east, the majority partner in Campos to cough up six million Euros, which he somehow was previously unwilling or unable to raise, and pay off Dallara and allowing the team to race in 2010. This would then lead to the team's namesake, Adrian Campos, leaving the team and being replaced as team manager by Colin Kolles, the former Jordan-Midland-Spyker-Force India manager from Ingolstadt, home of Audi and VW taking over the team.

Colles has a reputation as a tough guy and is know to have personally performed dental surgery on at least two of his drivers before races rather than have them drop out of the racing week end, Tiago Monteiro in 2005 and Christian Albers in 2006. Now there's some cost savings, savings which along with the lower entry price of F1 now would be enough to entice VW into Bernie's circus. through the back door.

All this from an article in Spain's AS newspaper. Pass the salt please.


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