February 28, 2010

No Peeking!

Funny bit of theater at Barcellona with Mclaren personnel trying to get a better look at what's going with Ferrari's diffuser and the Scuderia making their objections clear.

But before you jump on Ferrari for being sensitive about their rear end, understand this is not either anything new or uncommon between them and Mclaren, just check out the second video, from a few year back, after the jump.
(Thanks Alex for the clips!)


  1. Wow. No love lost between Bruce & Enzo's teams

  2. With all the high-tech stuff these teams have at their disposal it's hard to believe neither one has people trackside shooting high-resolution video of the back of the cars as they go by. If TV cameras can pick up the details of rear diffusers, as they often do, why can't the teams?

  3. I'm sure they film the test days to document more information about the competition.

    I think the mechanics standing by watching the other team are just a sign of aggression...

  4. Maybe it's a sign of agression, but i think this also means that Ferrari is doing very well in testing.

    Maybe Mclaren noticed that ferrari is hiding its game.

    Anyway, do you guys think this is good for the sport?

  5. It's certainly PART of the sport...

  6. It's just fun & games.

    You can get software that extracts very accurate geometry from high resolution photographs.

    Like this: From scarbsf1 on twitter

    Man I can't wait for Bahrain! :)

  7. Ha ha ha, brilliant that the McLaren guys can have such a laugh about it.


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