January 13, 2010

Porsche Cayman Interseries

When you were small you may have had toy versions of all the famous racing Porsches, now bigger boy have bigger toys and Florida dealer Napleton Porsche, together with Historic Sportscar Racing come up with a great hook: a spec Cayman S series featuring reproductions of classic Porsche liveries.

The cars are close to stock and Napleton Porsche will built to order cars starting in the $90000 range. You can find more information HERE.

As far as the decoration, Porsche has raced for so long and with so many teams and series that the choice is huge. Fun, thanks CG for forwarding it! Click HERE for a full gallery

UPDATE: Don't miss the "Hippie" car in live action --->HERE


  1. That is great, it's like the 'paint' feature in Forza 3 but for real life, which I guess is kinda the point of Axis in general eh?

  2. I figured everyone would be going for the Gulf colors...and possibly the #20? I really like the Martini and Brumos(local dealer) colors!

  3. Surprised nobody did the x-ray livery, or the neat one ever: the pink pig!

  4. I'm with AC... Where's the pig?! When I first saw one of these (the Lowenbrau car at RA during a test day last fall IIRC..) I was impressed. I really want to drive one of these things!! Enduros? Co-driver available! ;-)

  5. Why would anyone choose the Swap Shop car?


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