January 15, 2010

Dakar 2010 Video Gallery

We'll leave it up to other sites to bring you the stunning pictures from this year's Dakar Rally (Don't miss Boston.com's Big picture, amazing stuff), we thought we would gather some video for you.

I have to say, after my initial skepticism over a Dakar run in South America, I am totally won over. The scenery in the high deserts of Chile and Argentina is breathtaking and the terrain as challenging as anything in Africa and with the added bonus of not having to deal with terrorists and kidnappers.

There are a few videos here and many more after the jump, enough to keep you busy for a while including recaps of the latest stage, have fun.


  1. You have to give it to the bikers. I've done 6hrs of Enduro riding in similar conditions and it was quite a workout! Cant imagine several sleep deprived consecutive days of riding there.

    The trucks (real BIG Trucks, not pick-ups) are also awesome. Unbelieavble how much traction (Unimogs?) they have.

  2. What's amazing about the bikers is that they'll do a 200KM stage standing up and getting pounded the whole way....

    I think the trucks are, at least nominally, Man's and DAF's. But like the cars, they are custom made tube chassis with little relation to the "real" thing.

    BTW, did you know the Hummer is 2wd? that seems like such a crazy choice, any idea why?

  3. No clue about Gordon's 2WD choice. I assume they allow a more powerful engine in 2WD, so therefore his comment in one of the videos about trying to win the SuperSpecial (short fast) stages)????

    In one of the clips it is clear how the hummer struggles through some of the sandy/silt sections

  4. All the buggies are typically 2WD as well, you don't absolutely need 4WD to go off road, but given some of the terrain those guys have to go over (like those dunes) I'm sure there are times where 4WD would be a big advantage.

    As for the bikes/quads... hats off to those guys (esp. the privateers that don't have anyone else but themselves for support crew), you have to be in amazing physical condition to just manage to to the length of the course, let alone trying to do it 'going as fast as you can'!


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