December 23, 2009

Counting on Schumi

What a Christmas present for Bernie Ecclestone, Formula 1 now has a classic script for the 2010 season! More than one gift actually because it's not just the return of the "Kaiser", it will be the return of the German national team, silver arrows, German drivers vs the Brits vs the latin at Ferrari, you get the picture and it will be a fantastic season to watch. But, then again nobody is doubting Bernie has been busy in Santa's workshop making this deal happen.

Beyond the huge sporting consideration and the easy headlines, how does the same Formula 1 that has just finished decimating the jobs of thousands in the name of cost savings, that just today FIA president Todt called F1 "too expensive", a motor industry facing disaster, can justify the cost of Mercedes' operation. In fact Mercedes is likely not to pay a dime for Schumacher's services next season. Schumacher's salary, seven million Euro, turns out to be more than twice what had been rumored but it's likely just a fraction of what the colossal deal Schumacher and his manager Willi Weber's marketing machine must have put together for this possibly one year shot (Strike that, it's a 3 year deal!). The big payoff from Mercedes will be in the form of what Schumacher swore he had found at Ferrari, a home for life. Never say never in F1 we always say...

If that seven million Euro salary is coming from sponsor Petronas it is certain that Mercedes gave Schumi full freedom to manage his own endorsements so you will see him sporting a DVAG hat and continue his personal endorsement deals with Bacardi, Omega and Schubert among others but he will "own" the space on his race suit and the merchandizing.

Bild estimated the "real estate" costs, arms: 3 million euro/year, chest: 5 million, cap 7 million. It gets cheaper below the belt, 1 million per leg. No word on how much Bernie's special spot goes for...


  1. you have to give Schumi credit - he's obviously (from his dimeanor in the interview above) not doing this for money but for his love of racing.

    Can't wait to see what he does with the existing regulations and his driving style with a field that is half his age. Vettel vs. Schumi? Should be interesting...

  2. Damn now i wish Kimi had'nt left! Wouldve made some good racing..

  3. I give Schumi all the credit and I look forward to seeing him race again. It's a big gamble but I'm sure he still has the speed and especially, the killer instinct. All and all it will make all the various Alonso's and Hamiltons and Vettel's bring their top game all the time.

    Barrichello must be chewing his nuts off in anger, watching his hated rival get all the glory and money...

  4. Schumacher deserves the fame, glory and money over Barrichello - Rubens has alwyas been good but just not quite good enough - that weight is on his shoulders to bear that he has always played second fiddle to slightly better drivers.

    I'm especially interested to see Schumacher race against the newer breed of driver given he comes from the prior generation - ones that knew Ayrton Senna - guys that still had the steely reserve and personal fortitude that a lot of the young drivers seem to lack these days. My money is on the old school!


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