December 22, 2009

2009 Formula 1 Highlights

The FIA really stepped up it's game this year and I must say, for once eclipsed the efforts of fan produced clips which in the past have put the big boys to shame.

Next season may be the beginning of the austerity and cost saving era in Formula 1 but this year's clip, shown at the FIA gala in Monaco, clearly had to cost more than a warehouse full of USF1 carbon fiber toasters!



  1. ^^super cool spam story bro.

    Didn't think this years video was nearly as good as last years. The newspaper headline theme has a "intro to modern media" high school project feel to it.

  2. Sorry "Bud Canterbury" LOL....enough with the chinese spam or I'll have to put those PITA verification jobbies!

  3. So Jensen Button is the successor to Keanu Reeves in the Matrix? I don't get it...

    I was surprised that they showed something on Crashgate as well.

  4. "The newspaper headline theme has a "intro to modern media" high school project feel to it."

    Agreed. Not their best. Want good ones? Go to 2006 and 2007. Those take the cake.

  5. Disagree about the beauty of this vid..

    How much money spent for a video with lots of chats and low on racing.. ok, actually that's a good representation of F1..

    Fan made videos may be poor on production but usually contain tons of racing action and revving sounds

  6. CridComment at gmail Asks:

    Some of you people are fresh enough to have no grey hair and all your own teeth, unlike Yours Truly. If any of you young hipsters know whose version of "Kashmir" is heard in this video during the Singapore-to-Interlagos sequences, PLEASE send an email to this tired old racing fan, or leave a comment here.

  7. CridComment at gmail says:

    > The newspaper headline theme has
    > a "intro to modern media" high
    > school project feel to it.

    That's a fair criticism. But if you're going to use a cliche, you should at least do it correctly, and these guys did! Notice the languages changing on the Singpore transcript... Nice touch!

    You're still perfectly correct. But speaking as Ancient Father Time, it seems like there's never really any new way to do television or movies, and hasn't been in many years. If there was some brilliant video designer who was hired to do these pieces, he wouldn't be a guy who cared enough about the sport to tell the story of the season correctly.

    (I think the Lewis apology was a PERFECT thing to include! A highlight of the season for me, when this kid figured out that he was a mere mortal. And BTW, how come there were no pictures from Abu Dhabi? Wouldn't a glimpse of Kobayashi's pass on the new Champ have been a poignant way to build excitement for 2010?)

    Television might not be "all f***ed out" like Broadway musicals are, but you've got to enjoy it for what it is if you're going to enjoy it at all.

    (And by the way, when it comes to Broadway, NOBODY DOES.)

  8. thought it was interesting that F1 did not shy away from the "drama". Perhaps they really are following NASCAR's lead and promoting the "reality show" least until there is some actual passing on the track!

    They certainly have the story line all set for 2010 now.


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