November 10, 2009

Possums Heart BMWs

Bud Scott from Bimmerforums found a new friend at a recent track day. This is his story and he's sticking with it:

"So I am instructing this past weekend at the annual St. Louis chapter fall DE. I am breaking in a new track toy, a POS-325e tastefully modified with some modest upgrades. Been awhile since I have had a nice Bimmer so I was looking forward to the weekend.

Saturday morning I pop the hood and much to our surprise and enjoyment I have managed to house some potential road kill.

We prodded this thing with a jack handle but all that managed to do was piss it off royally. I get the bright idea to start the car, pull to a grassy spot and shoo the thing away. As soon as we started this little critter felt the heat from the headers and scrambled out of the engine bay, RIGHT TOWARDS MY OPEN WINDOW!!!!!!! I was in full panic mode trying to get the windows closed so I would not become a critter casualty before turning a lap. He jumped off the car and found a new home quickly!

Needless to say the driver's meeting was a no holds barred assault on Bud and his Arkansas heritage. I tried to get the last shot in by announcing to the track manager that his food was so bad I brought my own. We had tremendous weather and a great turnout to end the season. And my little POS-325...............Watch out Mr. Wright I have mad dog HP and TQ now!

Oh item on clean tech for all you inspectors out there."


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