November 12, 2009

Flying Finn Forest Fail

Why use and axe to chop down trees when using a car entertains the crown so much more?
10 minute of amateur rally forest fail in glorious natural sound!

(amjayes on YouTube)

More Rally on Axis


  1. These must be the most spectaculer crashes I have ever seen. Actually these must be the most spectacular crashes ever happened... If we keep time i think the 5 minutes of the video are flying cars.

    Great post.

  2. The camera guy at 1:01 is much luckier than the one at 10:20. And man, the Finns are asses when it comes to applauding accidents!

  3. If I ever had any recent doubt that I'm too Old with too much duties and responsibilities for an amateur rally career, this evidence seals that coffin!!

    Ouch!! Disaster REALLY is around the corner in Rally!
    Thank god that in Road Racing things dont go that bad that easily!

    Will give it a try in my next life!

  4. Finn men can't drive! (just as white men can't jump).

    I kid, of course... some big cojones in that video.

  5. crazy compilation thanks for posting this!

  6. Wow! Talk about some yard sales!


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