November 13, 2009

Air Willow

Just when you thought you had seen every possible variation of a track day clip you find something amazing like this one Jeff Bruce sent in today. Filmed at an Exalt Motorsport track day, the camera flies a lap of Willow Springs Raceway aboard an R/C helicopter!. Big props to the pilot who, I'm guessing, was riding in the truck you see in the video. R/C helicopters are difficult enough to fly, flying one like this is really amazing. Very cool.

Fearless Freep, start practicing your heli skills because we need to copy this!



  1. WOW - that was impressive. It looks like someone decided to reproduce the sort of shots you'd get in Gran Turismo or the like...

    And yes, it is the truck, in the last few seconds you can see two guys in the flat-bed, one of them with an antennae of some sort.

  2. Thanks for posting!

    This footage was shot during our Parade Lap with a remote control helicopter. Leading the pack around the track was a truck with 2 still photographers and the guy flying the heli with the camera rig attached.


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