November 18, 2009

Corrida de Toros

The ring in this case is the Norisring, the video is from Lamborghini Muenchen who have a car in the Super Trofeo series...and presumably, a busy body shop!

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  1. Awesome!! This is true Spec racing with tons of style!!
    I hope the use the Balbonis going forward: A lot more sideways action and some more driver skill required.

  2. Wow what a bunch of n00bs! Spinning of pit road, using the extra 15 ft of run off and then still slapping a wall, and jumping the hell out of the inside curb to ram into someone else? Could have given these cars to a hight school drivers-ed class and it would have looked more professional then that!

  3. LOL. Great illustration of why Lamborghini should stick to tractors and fashion accesories, leaving the actual drivers cars and racing machines to the pros.

  4. Its Norisring, you have to use that extra 15ft, thats exactly what its there for.
    And The hairpin is insanely tight, and someones going to be stupid at some point in the race, it happens all the time, thats what makes Norisring such a unique track.

  5. The shot of the white Lamborghini.... there is just something magical about watching a lambo giving it full throttle. All in all a good video to show off Lambos!


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