November 18, 2009


So we got a couple of Brits in a British car, some Germans in a German car and two.... ok well, they both SPEAK Italian, in an Italian car.

Follow Ferrari's lead and start painting them in the proper colors and F1 may be onto something!....

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  1. i think the new mercedes team is a virtual lock for being silver. mclaren will not be green though. but the new lotus team might.

  2. I would be pumped if McLaren went back to he "Papaya Orange" color or even the red/orange and white of the Marlboro/ Project-4 days

    I think that hoping Lotus will go with British Racing Green is asking too much as the team is based out of Malaysia of all places.

  3. My mum had a Nissan Sunny in British Racing Green. If any car didn't deserve the honour then it was clearly that one.

    Would be interesting to see McLaren go to that.

    And Lotus - surely they need to run in JPS colours?

  4. Actually - the JPS Lotus looked great!

    Hell, I would rather them just enter retooled and tuned up 72D.

  5. that good toys, congratulations for your blog, pasate por el mio, te espero! thanks!


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