November 17, 2009

Axis of Limos.

Did you notice the final lap time? Seriously, Porsche needs to go back to the drawing board with the Turbo if it can only run .2 faster on a wet track than a 5000 pound, long wheel base, rear wheel drive executive limousine!



  1. FWIW, that's a 996 Turbo. It's always been a portly car too, but it should definitely run faster.

  2. The 911 Turbo isn't built for the track. It's heavy and the suspension is soft. The Turbo is for people who want a own 911 but don't want to drive a 911. :)

    It's a great car for passing people on the motorway in short bursts of furious straight lines.

  3. I just finished watching the episode and it was epic!

    I was surprised too to see the lap times, those two limos are like 800 kilograms heavier than the 911... but i have to admit that the word "wet" is too vague...

  4. Wet may be vague but at least when they filmed that... I would call that wet!

  5. that was the time posted by the 996 Turbo in very wet conditions some 8 years ago ;)
    btw impressive time by the bimmer, but gosh, what a driver!

  6. Yes. Wet is always different. It really depends. Only true standard is dry.
    AC, at the Glen you can run 2:25 or 2:45 laps in the wet in the same car and both at 10/10ths. It is not really the amount of water, but how long has it been rainning, etc., etc., (IMO, Wet is at its worst when it had just begun to rain and the rubber oil has not been washed out)

    Nevertheless, impressive for such monster cars, but ultimately pointless. An M5 still drives 5 adults in comfort. A Panamera Turbo for sure will crush them both.

    The 7 series looked entertaining but the drifts were not really that smooth and the Stig being an awesome driver I sense there's a lot of iSteer going on in there.

    Interesting to note in the specs, that now the bimmers are consistently heavier than the Mercs. 10 years ago, bimmers were at least 10-15% lighter than the comparable Merc, and that's part of what made them better.

  7. Bimmers now have stiffer structures than Mercs ever did (or do). That's where the weight is, and they're still better balanced.


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