October 31, 2009

Well Said Damon!

Damon makes a point we all agree with though I have to say the Abu Dhabi track does look much better than I first thought.

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  1. its rare you see a driver these days being as honest and articulate as that about what they see the sport doing. When are we going to see Brand's Hatch back on the calendar?

    I can't remember where I saw it but someone recently made the comment that it is too bad none of the new tracks seem to have any elevation changes like Spa or the Ring - they're all flat, boring circuits - will that ever change?

  2. This Abu Dhabi track does have some interesting features I had not noticed at first glance: It's really designed to suit the best all around car since it has a mixture of long straights, fast corners and tight stuff. I like that they put in off camber turns to keep the drivers on their toes...

    But Hill is right that without the European tracks F1 would be missing its heart

  3. LOL the Abu Dhabi circuit is just another snoozefest. It is too wide, too flat, too boring. Might as well run Neckcar there.

    The players in the sport are seduced by the posh garages, offices, lounges, entertainment venues . . . the fans are left with sterile processions that could be built anywhere.

    If Ecclestone was really a genius, he'd just build a single venue in one locale and run every race there . . . all he'd have to do is paint the circuit different colors and change the camera angles.
    There is certainly nothing about this latest venue which provides any link to a unique region.

  4. to clarify my point: Ecclestone's folly is two fold. Simultaneously forsaking everything Hill states here while doing nothing to endear his brave new world to those who follow the sport. Ridiculous.

  5. I'm surprised to see someone like Eccelstone moving away from European tracks considering his career started in the 1970's when those same tracks established F1's reputation. You used to have incredible tracks like Brands Hatch, Watkins-Glen, Kyalami

    I'd like to see a U.S., South Africa and another European Grand Prix like Zandvoort, Damon's right, you play to those historic circuits and you'll have the fans you want. Wasn't the Malaysian Grand Prix poor in terms of turn out? The Singapore GP, yes it looks epic but its very bland. Once Eccelstone got the TV rights deal it was all downhill from there...


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