October 30, 2009

BMW: 10 years in Formula 1

I'm curious to hear what you think of this video. I'll save my comments for the... comments section.

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  1. They certainly took a lot of credit for the williams years, and I had to laugh at the vettel scenes. But it was nice ending with a flash of the GT2 car to remind us BMW motorsport lives on.

  2. they seemed glad to get all those williams years covered off quickly in less than half the video...and to celebrate 10yrs in F1 with no footage of a race? strange video.

  3. This video could be titled "How to whitewash and be positive about 10 years of mediocrity and ultimate failure as a racecar manufacturer."

  4. They should have stayed as Engines only...

  5. Odd video. Not much budget. Dodgy tunes. Zooming and panning on still images.

    I've always had a slightly strange thing with BMW F1. I love their road cars and aspire to an M. I admire the design philosophy and daring of Chris Bangle. I'm a die-hard Formula 1 fan. Yet BMW F1 have never appealed much.

    Maybe it's Mario. Maybe it's the years with Ralf. Maybe my affection for Williams and the unrealised promise of the initial partnership.

    I'd miss them if the current car wasn't so ugly.


  6. Jacques Villeneuve?... Oh yeah.
    I really don't like how BMW just dumped Sauber and ran out of F1 This video must not have been so easy to pull together but I suspect the only reason for it is for that final shot.
    Then again if you are an F1 fan and look at their record... I agree with Stig, despite their success' in the Turbo era, BMW and F1 never quite jelled.

    In any case, BMW is going to spend a lot of money on GT2, the RLR M3 is entered in the FIA GT2 Asia series (and in fact Millner and Müller won their first race today). Next year they will be doubling their ALMS effort. BMW has not won very much in major motorsport in the last few years, I think they want to make sure they dominate something and FIA GT is a good fit since it's less abstract marketing wise than F1.

  7. I grew up a BMW race fan... BMW CCA Club Racing primarily, but I have been a F1 fan since 1998. I was completely stoked when BMW entered as an engine supplier, but it just hasn't come alive as I expected it to. Seems like such a clinical operation. And I'm really not sad to see them go.

    This video is what you'd expect. All the glamour without the failures...

  8. Bad taste, bad outcome, bad PR. You don't celebrate when you run away with no respect (for drivers team and series) after having accomplished nothing.

    I liked it better when they were only the engine manufacturer. They did have the better engine in the Montoya Williams-BMW F1 days..

  9. Well... For one thing, Sebastian Vettel hasn't aged a bit! hehehehe

    Anyone notice how sparse the crowd was in the BMW Pitlane Park in Istanbul compared to the one in Australia?

  10. Its hard to believe what a lousy year 2009 turned out to be. After all the resources they've burned up in these last 10 years, quitting sucks.

    Be it Ralf or Heidfeld, they always seemed to have at least one driver who wasn't a contender.
    I guess the loyalty is commendable, but I would have preferred wins.

  11. never show about Sauber??


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