October 5, 2009

Suzuka Snoozer

At least that's what it looked like from the outside. From the inside, it looked a lot more exciting.

There was only one real good passing move on the track, a great move by Button on Kubica, the rest of the race was an all too familiar procession. With cars regulated to be so similar that a 3/10th difference in lap time in qualifying makes the driver a hero or a Grojean, it's no wonder there is almost no passing on track during the race. Even though Suzuka is an awesome track and all the top drivers drove great stints, I found Trulli gloating about how he was able to pass Hamilton in the pits, sad.

The Kovalainen-Sutil scrap is in the clip after the jump. Anyone else surprised Sutil did the same "donut" maneuver as in Singapore?


  1. Do you have the video of Button passing Kubica? I can't find it anywhere.

  2. Great stuff. What a track! I spent this afternoon watching the final round of the BTCC. To flick to this was like suddenly watching in car on fast-forward.

    And if you haven't seen the BTCC final round (and don't know the results) download the entire three race program and settle in for some fantastic touring car racing to decide the 2009 champion.

  3. great stuff. In the 1st video you can see Kovalainen overtaking Sutil at Dunlop curve on lap 2 following a mistake by Sutil.

  4. I think "gloating" is a bit unfair. Obviously they want to put the best possible spin on the result given the uncertainty of Toyota's commitment.

    I might even argue that Jarno knew he came out of the pits ahead of Hamilton just by the skin of his teeth . . . a turn of fortune which I'm sure wasn't lost as he stood on the podium.

  5. Grojean is my hero, so I dont understand what you mean when you say 3/10 separates a hero from a Grojean ? ROFLMAO... Stupid Sutil didn't hit button...

  6. If Trulli was gloating, what do you call Hamilton's comment at the post-race press conference? "I tried to get both of them at the start, but they both got a really good start... which is not always the case." [Severe stare at Trulli and Vettel]


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