October 5, 2009

Hit the Road

Let me introduce you to a friend of the Axis, ROAD Magazine.

Some of you may have been disappointed by the demise of the online "magazine" Driver's Republic earlier in the year, I say don't sweat it. Here is a better proposition, a magazine that covers what we love but minus the snarky "we are so cool and you are not" attitude. Road Magazine has new cars and older cars, hyper cars and regular cars, it has trackday cars and commuter cars, it has bikes and yes, even some girlies.... our kind of mix you'll agree.

You might remember a post on ROAD Magazine's "must read" Nürburgring guide back in February. We recommend anyone planning to take a trip to the "Green Hell" download, print and memorize the guide. You'll be grateful.

Last I heard from Tim, he was off to the 'ring with an AMV8, need I say more? I mean other than ....I'm totally jealous, send us a postcard!

More Nürburgring on Axis


  1. Agreed. This dig. mag. has been consistently great - each and every issue thus far!

  2. Cheers as always Axis, give me your address il send a postcard! :) im not off till November so plenty more time for some down to earth testing first!

    Love Road

  3. The word "uber" gets thrown around to much in there. Plus I wouldn't consider Ken Block a rally star....

  4. Oh oh Road.. Tough crowd over here at Axis! :)

    maybe they got tired of "mega"

  5. I didn't realize that DR had gone under - which is too bad because it was one of the few online mags I read and actually gave merit. Looking forward to jumping into this one! Is it mostly by the same group of guys from DR?

  6. "...minus the snarky "we are so cool and you are not" attitude." Oooh, is that a dig? At...?


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