October 2, 2009

The proper way to drive a Mini...

Back in the 1960's almost anyone who was anyone in motor racing spent some time racing Minis and the cars were great crowd pleasers. Easy to see why when they are driven the right way. You could argue that any clown can drift given enough  power but, momentum oversteer, that's another story.

Of course much of the spectacle is down to tires, modern tires have so much grip compared to even the best of 1960's tires.  Tiff Needell once said he learned to car control with a car that was so bad and tires so hard that he could drift at about 20 mph. Sometimes you have to wonder about "progress"...

This is a clip from this year's Goodwood Revival (not to be confused with the Festival of Speed), one of the world's great motoring events. I think you will enjoy it and, as I did, put it on your list of tracktard "musts ".

After the jump some in-car from the same race.


  1. Those cars are great. I drew this one up for one of my guys in Cali. He is in the process of building it now.


  2. A programme about the event was just on UK TV (ITV4)today. Watching those wonderful, priceless cars being drifted round was fantastic stuff. The Minis were probably the highlight though.


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