October 2, 2009

Max Mosley is an a-hole

Let's be honest, how else could you describe Mosley after his latest pronouncement?

“Any thoughts that after this election everyone in motorsport can unite and work together can now be forgotten. It is not possible to make statements like Vatanen’s and then expect the victims of those insults to forget what has been said. The simple fact is that Vatanen will lose the election and lose badly, not least because he chose to denigrate the FIA and those currently in office.”

The Guardian reports this was the content of a letter Mosley sent to the Middle East FIA members who are not supporting Mosley's choice, Jean Todt.

Aside fron an obvious case of too much sand in his girly bits, Mosley would have us believe Vatanen's criticism of the FIA's as less than transparent and autocratic is bringing disrepute to the FIA? Really? the same FIA that in the last three years has produced the spy scandal verdict, the Piquet scandal verdict? The same FIA headed by a old dude who could not keep his S-&-M hobby out of the news? That FIA?

So the totally non-autocratic Mosley uses his position to slam the one guy who dares run against "his" candidate, Jean Todt. Vatanen had the cheek to criticize and, much like Briatore who was banned for life rather than get a slap on the wrist essentially because he did not prostrate himself in front of Mosley, he must be annihilated!

Formula1Blog.com had a long interview with Vatanen a while back, have a listen and the tell me if Vatanen, who has gotten almost no coverage in a motoring press probably afraid of losing access (with just cause I'm sure), is saying anything unreasonable.

Of course the FIA elections have little to do with you or I. The AAA however, is the american representative with the FIA, in fact it's the largest auto club in the world. Write to the AAA, make your feelings known, In other countries you can write to your national club, MAx has jumped the shark....again.


  1. 2010, with Alonso in Ferrari, Hamilton in Mc Laren and I hope Kimi in a good team, could be the best year in F1 with Vatanen as FIA President.

    It really surprises me Jean Todt not taking distance from Mosley, giving me subtle taste like "The FIA doesn't take any consideration at all about what people think, it's just a good ol' boys club being fed on doing nothing, just receiving an award for nodding all the way to a chair"

  2. I can only hope, as seems to be the case, that Mosleys latest efforts to undermine democracy, apply and insinuate threats and misinformation, will lead to universal loathing of the man, his tactics and his preferred candidate.

    Surely even Todt is feeling uncomfortable with this kind of 'support'.

    A wonderfully worded and measured response from Prince Faisal hopefully starts a tide of global, intelliegent support for Vananen and a future of F1 we can all be excited by.

    Fingers crossed


  3. Of course I would agree with the title. ;) Thanks for the link mate and the mention. Ari is a terrific guy, we enjoyed the chat and he was very insightful. If he doesn't win, it will be for the same political posturing and manipulation that kept Mosley in office last year.


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