September 2, 2009

So what will the Ferrari 458 Italia be like?

An evolutionary step similar to the step up from the 360 Modena to the F430. Insiders who have had a chance to drive the car say it has better turn in then the f430 Scuderia and less understeer at the limit. The improved rear suspension design will give the car traction on corner exit on par with a Porsche GT2.

Also some interesting tidbits from Italy's top car mag, Quattroruote. Apparently, though the design of the car has been finalized, Ferrari is playing games with the pictures it has released so far. The car's appearance will be somewhat different especially the nose and the sides which will both be more aggressive in styling that what you see now. The nose will feature an elastic "lip" which will change in shape as speed increases and there will also be other movable aerodynamic parts on the car.

As a side note, Dany Bahar, Ferrari's Global Brand Manager who came to Maranello two years ago from Red Bull, has very suddenly "resigned". It is rumored that he had personally bought into as much as 20% of Lotus and this did not sit well with Ferrari's management, for obvious reasons.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. Beautiful car, and the engineering has to be superb.
    So which would you choose for the same $?
    - 430 Scuderia
    - 458 Italia

  2. well, with the the 458 it sounds like you will get Scuderia like performance and GT like confort+convenience. The 458 Scuderia will be something awesome.

  3. Why was Schumey speaking broken English? His English grammar in interviews is fantastic usually.

  4. @ Anonymous

    I think that he's reading something the press office wrote, so he probably "loose the rithm" because of that ;)

  5. I think it's even uglier than the 430 and the 360. And Michael, in black tight v-neck t-shirt, looks gay. "Special, spectacular, super", yeah right, like he isn't paid to say all those things. I don't understand, Ferrari makes cars for football players and saudi arabs and drug deallers? I can't relate to the styling and the image they have adapted.

  6. Was the body styled by Pininfarina or in-house? Some of the body reminds me of the Glickenhaus P4/5.

    It's interested in terms of exterior design but doesn't grab my attention like the 430. As for the interioor, I love the driver-oriented controls.

  7. When did Schumi become Bruno? What's with the shirt and the jewelery?

  8. What in the hell happened to Michael's English?


  9. I have to say, it almost looks like MS is having his mid life crisis early...


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